Our Cold Room facility was completed & commissioned on 16th February 2017 at Sen-Raleigh More, Panchgachiya,Asansol. We Provide the cold room space as rental basis.
The location of our Cold Room is giving our clients ample scope for expanding their business in Western Part of West Bengal as well as the nearby Jharkhand region. Apart from close proximity to the NH2 and Asansol City our cold room location also have an added advantage of being separate from no-entry zone, so you can move in and out your transportation vehicle as per your convenient time in day/night without any traffic encumbrance to and from our location.


Currently we are working with Prestige Icecreams P. Ltd (ROLLICK) & Vadilal Enterprises Limited.

Below are the details of the COLD ROOM FACILITY:

  • Project Started on: December, 2016
  • Project Completed on: Feb, 2017
  • Project area: 5000 Sq Ft
  • Freezer Room Capacity: 10000 Sq Ft
  • No of Freezer Rooms: 02
  • Basic Amenities Provided:
  • Top Quality Materials & Construction during the Civil, Mechanical & Cold Room Construction.
  • Ease of Access from the nearby Highway (1Km from NH2 & 50m from State Highway).
  • The location of the cold room does not fall under any kind of vehicle/traffic entry zone for the vehicle.
  • Ample Space for vehicle, freezer van within the premises with Facility of Freezer Vehicle Charging.
  • Arrangement of freezer van on rental basis for product delivery.
  • Secured 10ft high boundary wall with 24 Hrs Security Guard & CCTV surveillance.
  • Ample Lighting in the whole premises.
  • Beautiful & Spacious office rooms.
  • 24Hrs Power & Other essential amenities.
  • The planning & design of the Cold Room is done for easy Loading & Unloading to & from the Freezer Van.
  • Full time assistance from our side regarding any local issue/annoyance.
  • Support of our local network for product sales/marketing of your company.
  • Avarage Rate per Cubic Feet of Space: Rs. 24.00


Technical Details of Cold room


snaps of cold room facility

Inauguration of Cold Room

Inside the Facility

How it looks

Inside the Freezer Room